Dollhouse Reno Begins

The dollhouse is coming along nicely.  I vacuumed the dust off the shingles and brought out the toothbrush to clean the railings and wash the windows.  She’s starting to look rather lovely.

My daughter is quite keen on painting and decorating the new dollhouse.  She imagines putting in wallpaper and flooring in all the rooms (four and an attic) plus painting the exterior (pink, obvs) will take “maybe a day.”  I began digging through my craft supplies to see what we need.   Two rooms have really lovely wallpaper, but that is sadly flaking off.  My initial thought was to look for vintage papers to match the “antique” miniature furniture kits.  However, it seems that dollhouse materials have moved out of craft stores and into the ether.  I suppose, room had to be made for scrap-booking and jewelry or beading supplies.  I had hoped to find a local craft store to start spending all my money at, but alas, no dusty shoppes or even the big fabric stores have dollhouse materials.  I went through the chest holding all my unused scrap book supplies, found the kids’ unfinished baby books and got distracted for a couple days.  More on that later!

When I finally made it back to the designer papers, I realized I didn’t have enough of any one print to wallpaper a room of the house, so my daughter and I waded through a craft store today.  I am so proud to report that we bought a stack of paper and paintbrushes and nothing else!  No Valentine’s knee-socks, fabric, yarn, paint, crafts, coloring supplies or “candlescaping rocks”.  It was….odd.

The wood flooring that came with the house is so amazing—little slats of wood just like a real plank floor that you could stain and install–but is brittle now and wouldn’t survive.  The modern alternative comes from creative people and their hard work, easily available on the web!.  I’ve already found flooring pictures that you could print off, seal or laminate and lay down with very little fuss.  Brilliant.

So that’s walls and floors taken care of for ideas.  I don’t have a great printer, so I still need to figure that part out, but then I made a big, big, big mistake of looking online for dollhouse decorating ideas.  Oh, Pinterest.  You kill my spirit every time. I don’t know, maybe some people are inspired and go off and craft their own amazing crap and then post pictures of that and the cycle continues.  I am not one of those people.  But I think I can manage from here.  Hopefully, because nothing is getting done until then.



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