Pure, A Dystopia for Today

From my sister blog, “Eileen Oxford’s Bookish Blog”, where I sometimes read stuff and talk about it….

Eileen Oxford's Bookish Blog

I just finished reading the first book of The Pure Trilogy, Pure, by Julianna Baggott. And yes, of course, I have some thoughts on the book.

My first one is “Another dystopia book? Count me out.” My feelings about dystopias and “after-the- fall” types is that we already live in an unreal place. This week alone, the governor of my state side-stepped two pointed questions about his belief in evolution, and proposed cutting $300 million dollars from the budget of a world renown university system while attempting to change said university’s mission to one of increasing the state’s workforce rather than one of service and “the search for truth.” Oh, and proposing a flush $220 million in bonds to a new basketball arena. Sigh. Also this week, three young students were killed in North Carolina and headlines read “Motive: Parking Space Dispute” instead of “Tragic Hate Crime, Young Muslims…

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