Emboldened: Thinking of Travel

Recent small victories and the insightful questions of my fellow moms-in-arms has got me thinking.  About travel, about summer, about technology, about time, about the future.

For a moment in our recent road-trip, when both kids were entertaining themselves with electronics (should we hope that they were being read to by Lavar Burton or should we just admit that they were playing Pet Doctor for the seventh straight hour?  Do you promise to judge me, either way?)….it was unbelievably peaceful.

20150328_102126 20150328_102129

And a thought filled with hope entered my brain:  “We could do this!  We could travel!!”  We could travel to Europe, to Brazil, drive to the Grand Canyon and all through the west of these great states.  I’ll get them passports right away when we get home!

I’m still on that bubble.  I can see it.  I can see us in Barcelona and France.  (Give me a while before I can see us in India or Bangkok.  One rung at a time.)

You know what is first?  Montreal.  I have three great loves for three deserving cities: Madison, where I live and set down deep roots, Boston, and Montreal.  I had the good fortune to introduce my kids to Boston last fall.  Subway trains, sparkly toothpaste at the home of our good friends, and encounters with dog sharks and patient  at the New England Aquarium ensured the kids love Boston as much as I.  On to Montreal.  I don’t know when or how.  But soon.  Gear up, Montreal!

First up, find my passport, dust it off and renew that baby. Next, passports for the kiddos.

Did you know you must have travel plans to get a passport?  I haven’t figure out if “some time this summer, via minivan we’ll drive to Montreal” is legit enough, but I’m pretty sure not.

Did you also know both parents need to show up when getting passports for children or get a notarized thing.  And you have to show up in person for first passports…so I was getting ahead of myself. First up, the nearest passport processing center, Chicago! Then Montreal! That’s okay.  We always love a visit to The Windy City.  Three hours in the van is nothing for us! ( I think.)

Also, I just got my passport out of the one place it belongs, hidden in The Box of Important Stuff, and immediately misplaced it.  It took ten minutes to find:

Hidden Passport
I AM a slob, but this seems beyond my skill level.


I’ll figure out the kids’ passports after I renew mine. The wheels are already in motion!



5 thoughts on “Emboldened: Thinking of Travel

  1. We got the kids passports in Madison at the post office on Milwaukee street. You do have to call and make am appointment though, have all the proper paperwork and both parents need to be present (lest you or your spouse try to whisk your kids off to a foreign country) but we got them in the mail less than 4 weeks after. And the woman was very helpful.

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