Summer Plans

Once again, summer approaches and I am steeling myself.  I don’t want to be the activity director….and yet, I am.

I already wholeheartedly love Jen Hatmaker, and then I read her piece “What Would My Mother Do? (Drink Tab and Lock Us Outside)” and now I want to ask her to be my sister.

That’s how it could be.  My kids are finally old enough at seven and four to be in the roving band of feral neighborhood children.  Except that sadly, it is a band of two.  There aren’t other “neighborhood” children.  There is no pack.  Two kids, both too young, do live around the corner but are in daycare year-round.  Other friends are nearby, but not near enough to walk to. All play needs to be organized by me, with start and end times, a car trip and a drop-off. They can’t go to the park by themselves yet, and frankly I don’t even know in this day and age, when they will be. Is this how kids have friends these days?

We love the neighborhood we live in.  It is quiet and we have lots of trees and green space to run and grow in.  It is ideal…except that we are an island unto ourselves.  We’re surrounded by middle-age professionals who rarely come outside, who hire people to do the yard-work and walk the dog, who get their mail from the car window before they drive into their garage and close the door.

The house next door to us is going on the market, and I have a fervent wish. Please, Oh Universe, let someone with kids buy it!  Nice kids.  Maybe a boy and a girl, between the ages of four and eight, into dinosaurs, world-exploration and/or princesses.  Pretty please.  It would make (my) summer so, so much better.

Two tough, cute little kids

Kids Seeking Kids. Now Accepting Applications for Summer Position in Roving Neighborhood Band with possibility of lifelong friendship. Apply Within.


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