Storytime: The Black Tooth Menace

We read “Franklin’s Pond Phantom” yesterday and my four-year-old daughter’s fascination with “scary” stories was rekindled.  (Franklin is a turtle.  He can “tie his shoes and count by twos”….and the Pond Phantom was a sailboat in the mist for all of you who are not knee-deep in Easy Readers.)

On the way to school today, she told me these stories (with lots of dramatic pauses):

“On Halloween nights.  It was dark.  And SCARY.  And le Black Tooth Menace showed up.  It had ONE TOOTH.  And two eyes.  And a black body.  And it would JUMP out of le dark on …… THINGS!   This is a real story.”


“On Halloween nights there is a… SHAPE…. that follows you in le dark.  It has one tooth and one nose and ONE EYE.  It is….the ONE-EYED MONSTER.  It is so, so scary.  BUT it will protect you.  It is a good monster.  You are safe.  But then… le Black Tooth Menace EATS it.  And you are in trouble.”

“There is also a Black SHADOW…..but…….it can not eat you ’cause it is just air and doesn’t have a real tummy.  Le Black Tooth MENACE chases le Black Shadow, but le Shadow can not be caught.  It is just air. It can go through cages and run on ‘lectricity wires and not get burnt and can go through small holes in a bag. When it roars it makes no sound.  It is le shadow of…..a DINOSAUR.  LOOK OUT BLACK TOOTH MENACE!!!”


Then we watched a bunny until it was time to go in and she wanted to take pictures of it.  Here it is. Enjoy.

Bunny on the run
Le Black Shadow Approaches!


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