Birds of 2015

I went through last year and found some of my favorite bird pictures.  I just might be a birder!  Enjoy!

On the beaches (and parking lots) of Fort Myers Beach, Florida:

IMG_2972IMG_2998IMG_3147 (3)IMG_3196 (2)20150331_131247

Back home, at Tiedeman’s Pond:

IMG_4000 (2)IMG_4024 (3)

To the waterways of South Carolina:

IMG_5192IMG_5283IMG_5151IMG_5171 (2)

To our backyard:

IMG_6444 (2)IMG_3563IMG_6564IMG_6572IMG_6616IMG_6625 (2)IMG_6643 (2)IMG_7337 (2)IMG_7333 (2)IMG_7425 (2)IMG_7413 (2)IMG_7460IMG_7475

And lastly, at Wyalusing State Park along the Mississippi River:

IMG_7499IMG_7509 (2)

Au revoir, birds!  We hope to see you again next year!


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