Cue Training Montage

Cue the Rocky music.

I went for my first training run this morning.  Well…sort of.

I woke up early.  Before the sun.  Before the kids.  I laid in bed for a while but I finally got up, slunk around the house and put on the clothes I’d set out last night.  I looked (and didn’t find) my watch. I found and put down the headlamp. I jumped around a bit to warm up.  I went out and tip-toed over the iced driveway.

And I ran to the end of the street and then back home.  It took about a minute and a half.

I came in and ate all the carbs in the house and made a pot of decaf coffee with hot chocolate to recover.

Turns out the running tights I’ve had since high school don’t work anymore!  It is COLD out there! I mean, I’m carrying way more mass now and that should be insulating, right?  Is it possible I’ve turned into a wimp?  Sixteen-year-old me ran in the winter.  I think she liked it even.  Huh.  Well.  Present-day me has lots of things to say about winter running and I don’t know that it is all that nice.  Okay, so I’ll work on that one.

On other fronts:  I bought a swim suit.  A real one that you are supposed to do real swimming in.  I went to an actual swim store to find one and I tried on a few before I asked the sweet, teenage expert if the leg holes were all cut that high.  “Oh.  Would you like more of a woman’s cut?”  Um. Yes, darling girl.  There’s no reason my hip bones needs to be out in the open.  Also, this much side-boob exposure is distracting, even to me.  This can’t be right.  Two more suits tried on and I found one that I can get on with out jumping while pulling it up. (Okay maybe one or two little jumps).  I had her pick out a good pair of goggles and a swim cap, I paid for it all and dashed out of the store.  12 minute transaction.  Well on my way to this “master’s swim” people keep talking about.

On the biking component:  I took a 45 minute spin class on Sunday.  I liked it.  It was a little weird, I’ll admit.  The only spin experience I have is from watching Kimmy Schmidt.  This wasn’t as weird, but pretty close.  Dark room. Black lights.  Loud music.  Some sort of “slide” move where you stand up on the pedals and pretend to sit back down…but at the last second you stand back up.  It reminded me of the time a yoga teacher said “It’s just like you’re flossing!” while we were all in a low-lunge and I fell over because what am I flossing here?!?  I can’t be the only one who is too immature for these moves.

A notable start!  The youngest is sick and laying on the sofa, so I’ve missed my regular bootcamp class.  I’ve got enough other things keeping me busy for now, though.  Also, to get in the right frame of mind, I re-watched my favorite training sequence ever, the villagers training for the ultimate cricket match in the movie “Lagaan”.  I dare you to watch and not be inspired.  Especially by the chicken chase scene.



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