Spring Gardens, 2016

First up, the Secret Sun Garden:


The lilac in the corner is one I planted our first spring in the house, 12 years ago.  IT has thrived and brought so much joy, but this year just didn’t come back. I cut down what I could in the hopes I could revive it….but this might be the last bouquet:


And this is what the Secret Garden looks like now:


Not as bare as I thought it would be, for the ivy that has covered the wall.

I got something really special this Mother’s Day.  My mom gave me a part of a lilac that has grown at all of my homes.  It was part of the hedge between us and our neighbors in Milwaukee, where I was born, and it was the first lilac at our home in Hartland, where we moved when I was eight.  Now, it has a new home in my own garden.  I didn’t think I was sentimental, but meet my newest, oldest plant (let’s call it Ingrid):

Ingrid blends in so well (she’s in the center), it’s like she was meant to live here.

IMG_9676 (2)

The kids decided the front planter shouldn’t be a dirt/rock pile for digging in this year, but a rainbow garden instead:

IMG_9690 (2).JPG

Although the cat thinks this still makes suitable sunbathing spots.


The vegetable garden, meanwhile, is suffering from neglect.  Not that the rhubarb minds:

When I say “Take as much as you like,” I mean, really, take it.  And more.

I’ve just been ignoring it.  My youngest gardener got excited back in March when we had an early, false, spring and we put some seeds in,


but this is what the beds look like today:


Those are mostly “volunteers” in the beds.  Catnip, calendula, tomato, pumpkin, sunflower, parsley, chives, sage, mint, and dill have all thoughtfully re-seeded themselves.  The kids have plans for a fairy garden and they want to see which gets bigger, Sunzilla or Titan sunflowers.  They also want to harvest potatoes and onions again this year, have carrots, kohlrabi, and nasturtiums  to eat on the run but like me, they just don’t feel up to turning the beds over and planting.

This is the first year I haven’t had the vegetable beds planned out.  I usually have it mapped by February.  I guess we don’t need to run a one-family CSA every year.  Maybe what we already have and do is enough this year.


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