A New Lens

Courtesy, the kitten ( the older one, not the new oneOMGIhaveFOURcats!!!), uh, the camera was knocked off a counter and the lens broke.  The new one is Tamron 18-200mm (on my trusty Canon EOS Rebel T5.)  There’s something wonky with it, as the image jumps occasionally…but I haven’t had the time to take it back in and have it checked.  But it does have a further range than the previous one and I’m getting used to it.

After my temporary blind spot last year, I was hesitant to take pictures.  It just drew too much attention to this new weak spot.  However, my eyes now are as good as they ever were, and the new lens has gotten me a little excited.  Just a few here to show you what has been catching my eye lately.

The underside of ivy


Wish Doll


Sky above Strickers
Welcome to your CSA!
Went well with all that candy corn
Sutter’s Ridge



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