About Me and The Gardens

About Me: First and foremost, I am a mom. I am a mom all the time. Sometimes I share things about that, but sometimes I also share my photography and sometimes I talk about my journey with MS or my love of triathlons.

About Goatless Gardens:


In full flush, our gardens are more of a jungle, but this picture is early in the season. Sometimes the gardens look like this:





And sometimes, they look like this:

Raggedy dead weed garden

Feel free to draw parallels between the rise and fall of the garden and the quality of my parenting or the state of my children’s overall cleanliness.

The joke is that we’re just a goat away from going off the grid entirely….have you seen pygmy goats? They’re the size of a house cat, well, at least the size of the ones I grow anyway.


Squeeee! omgponies! Have you smelled a goat lately, though? Yeah. Pretty goaty. For now, we’re Goatless Gardens. Although, my husband maintains we’re more “Goatless GULCH” kind of people.

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